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Play To Live Occupational Therapy is able to complete a variety of assessments based on your child's needs. To book an assessment, complete the form on the "Contact" page or give us a call and request an assessment only service.

Occupational Therapy Assessment

This is an informal assessment that including both observation and parent/carer discussion. This is a great assessment if you are unsure if your child requires ongoing services and what supports are right for them.


Sensory Profile Assessment

The Sensory Profile Assessment is a standardized assessment used to determine a child's sensory processing preferences. This assessment includes a parent questionnaire, observations, and written report with individualised recommendations.


Functional Capacity Assessments

Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA) are sometimes requested by the NDIS to access funding or during a review process. These assessments are extensive and involve observations, parent discussion and standardised assessments (Vineland-3 or ABAS-3). A comprehensive written report is provided.


Fine Motor Assessments

Play To Live Occupational Therapy currently offers the Beery-VMI to formally assess fine motor skills. This assessment includes a formal assessment of visual motor integration skills along with a written report.

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